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About Us


Company Profile

At rockfield uk we have extensive experience in most fields of construction, specialising in groundworks and civil engineering.

Our company handles projects for both the public and private sectors, including the commercial, industrial, education, housing, retail and health sectors.

We are proud of our reputation for delivering construction projects on time and within budget whilst maintaining the highest standards for quality of works.


Company Values & Visions

We are constantly striving to improve on delivery of service and our relationships with both clients and supply chains.

The key areas we focus on are commitment, honesty and integrity, openness, safety and innovation.



Corporate Social Reponsibility

As a contractor we understand and appreciate the responsibilities we have to our clients, supply chain partners, the environment and local communities.

With each project undertaken we implement a strict code of practice that applies to all aspects of our work focussed on being considerate, environmentally aware, respectful, safe, responsible and accountable.